InkWELL Press Planner Review (with a walk-through and a boatload of pictures)

I confess, I am a planner obsessed woman. I have been known to debate which planner to buy for the new year months ahead of time, and still some how end up buying 3 by February.

This year I debated and debated. I looked at paper weight, layouts, cover styles, and bindings. And I finally settled on one of my new favorites, the InkWELL Press live well planner. This is not your ordinary planner!

I was so excited to open this box, and they even included a cute notecard as a gift
IMG_0861 (1)
Unboxing my “imperfect”, yet absolutely beautiful planner, with a “Modern Mermaid” cover.

I waited too long to purchase a planner (just about 24 hours after they became available, no joke) and so I had to wait until the “imperfect” planners went on sale a few weeks later. This time I learned my lesson and set an alarm to snatch one up before they were all spoken for.

After much anticipation, this beauty arrived, with a hard particle board cover in “Modern Mermaid”. The cover measures 9 and 3/8 inches, by 7 and 1/2 inches, and the planner measures 7/8 inches thick. The coil binding reaches an additional inch out to the side. The pages are 7 inches by 9 inches. It has an attached elastic strap to keep it closed.

I searched through it page by page to find a smudge, a wrinkle, a mis-cut page, some terrible mistake that warranted it being saved for sale as flawed, but I honestly find nothing wrong with it. That tells me that these people over at InkWELL Press are VERY detail oriented and conscientious about the quality of their products. They even included an adorable embossed card with a quote to be framed and put on a wall or desk.

IMG_0863 (1)
The very first page and included ruler.
IMG_0916 (1)
Ahh! The very first page of a fresh new planner, so lovely!

The included ruler is a flexible plastic with a grid on it for measuring. It clips easily in and out of the binding. The 110# paper is an absolute dream. It is smooth buttery paper that shows no marks through the other side.

The planner begins with a “Plan Ahead” section, complete with important dates, goal setting, and a one-page calendar of the following year.

IMG_0864 (1)
A page for important dates for each month.
IMG_0865 (1)
My favorite part! A page breaking down your goals by category and time frame.

Goal-setting built it. I mean, honestly people, this is amazing!

IMG_0866 (1)
A calendar looking ahead for the next year, and a quote to motivate you to live your “Daring Adventure”.

The months are one of 4 soft colors. It is a modern, clean look. Each month has two-page calendar with a column on the right for notes, and the next month in the bottom right corner for planning ahead. Next is a Mission Board for keeping track of goals and a page for “Notes & Ramblings”.

IMG_0867 (1)
Each month has a lovely color theme that starts with the 2 page monthly calendar spread, with a column for notes on the right hand side.
IMG_0870 (1)
After you plan out your important dates on the monthly spread, there is a Mission Board for each month, to identify your goals in key areas of your life, and a full page for “Notes & Ramblings”.

IMG_0871 (1)

This is how I fill out my Mission Board. I include a colored dot so I can be sure to visualize what my energy is being spent on when I plan out my weekly activities.

IMG_0919 (1)
My Mission board filled out.

Here is the fresh weekly spread in the Flex Layout. I love the 3 sections to the right of every day. I use them to work on 3 goals a day, but you could use it for fitness, meal planning, assignments, or whatever you chose.

IMG_0873 (1)
The two-page weekly spread, in the Flex Layout, with a section for notes and three color coordinated spaces for each day.
IMG_0868 (1)
Two full pages for notes at the end of the month.
IMG_0874 (1)
Robin’s Egg Blue.
IMG_0875 (1)
Buttery Yellow.
IMG_0876 (1)

The laminated tabs are attached to the monthly spreads. They stick out past the pages, but not past the cover, so they are protected, yet accessible for speedy page flipping.

IMG_0877 (1)
Sturdy, laminated, color coordinated monthly tabs.

The section under the tab “Extras” is perfection, especially for a list-maker like me.

IMG_0878 (1)
EXTRAS! 2 pages for a gift list, and a section to keep track of ideas for yourself.
IMG_0879 (1)
Keep track of your travels.
IMG_0880 (1)
A place for movies and books to remember.
IMG_0881 (1)
Even a monthly budget spread.
IMG_0882 (1)
Finally more note pages with gently lined graph paper.

Finally there is a two-sided folder in the back with a cute quote, and a paper envelope in the back cover. There is not usually an “imperfect” stamped onto the envelope, but I purchased this one during the imperfect sale, I still see no flaws.

IMG_0883 (1)
A nice double sided folder.

IMG_0885 (1)IMG_0884 (1)

IMG_0886 (1)
A paper envelope in the back. The planners don’t usually have a stamp saying “imperfect”, but I purchased mine during the imperfect sale.

This is the pen I love to use, it usually goes through every type of paper to my dismay, but as you can see in the next image, you can’t even see a shadow from the previous week’s writing.

IMG_0921 (1)
My favorite pen! The Pilot Precise V5 Retractable.


IMG_0922 (1)
my colored dots to make sure I am tackling my goals.

This planner is not all.

If you purchase a planner from InkWELL Press, they even send you videos to show you how to best use your planner, and prioritize and set your goals, with printable ditto-like-pages included absolutely free of charge!

The shipping was fast (I’m in California). The customer service is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. I cannot say enough about this awesome company. The planners are currently $54, but you really get more than just this awesome planner.

There are also other planner options and products to choose from, and if you click here, they will give you $10 off your order.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and consider this wonderful planning option!

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